Way Out West

Music is another great love (not a player, but a listener) and I was delighted to be asked byPeter Knight to photograph one of Way Out West‘s rehearsals. Once there I was also asked to do a group photo (gulp). I wanted to share a few pics from the shoot as well as from a performance by the band the following evening.

Whilst on the subject, I also recently went to see Crossing Roper Bar play at Bennetts Lane. This was an amazing performance and I was quite happy with a couple of the images from the NEX6 and my new Sony 16-70mm f4 Zeis lens. I’ve posted these here as well.

Crossing Roper Bar is a collaboration between the Australian Art Orchestra (Peter Knight is also the Artistic Director at the Australian  Art Orchestra) and  the Young Wagilak Group from South East Arnhem Land. To quote the AAO’s web site: “An electrifying marriage of the very old with the very new, Crossing Roper Bar is a celebration of country, of ceremony, and of the power of music to build enduring bridges across cultures, time and space”.