AIPP Reflections Project

I put my hand up to get involved with the AIPP Reflections Project recently. The project, organised by the AIPP, aims to photograph as many surviving WWII veterans as possible from all over Australia with the ultimate aim of publishing a memorial book to commemorate the 75th anniversary of WWII.

The work was all pro bono with a very specific lighting plot and style guide which involved a single, large light source from camera left with a reflector and grey background. This was necessary so that the portraits from photographers across the country would have a similar look.

The men I got to photograph were all over 90 years old and some needed me to "speak up a bit" when I was directing them from camera, but it was a pleasure to meet and chat to them down at the Williamstown RSL. Here are a few of the pics and I'm looking forward to seeing the final published book.